TC (thunderchild) wrote,

My Match Profile from o_o

"The Mermaid"
Independent Good
Love Provider


Generous, affectionate, but possibly a figment of men's imaginations. In days of olde, sailors told the legend of the Mermaid, the beautiful maiden who lived beneath the waves and would save drowning men by pulling them safely to shore. You are similarly helpful to men tossed about by seas of emotional confusion.

You provide selfless kindness, and you nearly glow with love. However, you're not necessarily looking for a long-term commitment right now. In the future you will be, but perhaps you're new to romance or are coming off a hurtful relationship. It's fine to take your time with things, just don't devastate people when you keep your distance. Being sweet and charming yet at times aloof is most risky behavior.

One more thing: notice also that Mermaids have no discernable genitals. You probably do, but you might not know it, because you seem to be neglecting them. You might appreciate a more physically indulgent approach to love. Give it a shot before you settle down.

*ahem* at that last part.

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