December 18th, 2002



Do you have any idea how depressing it is to think you have an entire series from beginning to end, you start watching it and think it's really cool and you want to show your sister... Then you get to episode 6.



That won't do ME any good! I can't read Chinese and my Japanese is extremely limited. And I CERTAINLY can't show it to my sister now. *cry* Stupid fansubbers who only do half of a series. I can't find the rest anywhere. I've looked! I wonder if it was liscenced... Do I need to do a DVD search? ;o; I want to see the rest! I was really getting into it!!

Edit: Oh, it is liscened! $90 for the whole collected series on DVD.......... And I found another place that has them for $55, plus pretty cheap shipping. Hmmmmmmm.

..... ..... ..... ..... Maybe if I get enough Christmas money. u.u

Oooo. It was only released a month ago too. I've had these CDs for over a year. Good thing I only now got around to watching them.
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