December 7th, 2002


2 hours left!

Getting as much math in my head as possible before the 1:30 Math final. I have to finish with at least 15 minutes to spare to make it over to Glass in time for my Political Science final.

I'll be home aroun 6pm, maybe earlier, depending on how long it takes me to do the PLS final. I'll let you know how I think I did. The Math final is obviously more stressful, it's worth a lot more of my grade. The PLS final I only need to make 55% to maintain my current grade. Considering the lowest score I've gotten on a college exam EVER is in the 70 range, I doubt this will be a problem. However, for Math, I need to make at least 80% to maintain my grade. Again, not quite as stressful as it could be, but still, a little bit so. I've not made less than a 90% on any of my math tests this year, and last semester I didn't make below a 80% and I managed to snag an A on my final. This class and the last math class I took are combined in this final.