November 22nd, 2002



One of the last days of school for a while! I have one class next week on Monday, and that's a math test, but after that I won't go back til December! W00t! (And once I do I'll only have 4 days left, then 'Dead Day' and finals!)

Oh, and I had a Draco dream last night. Not just any Draco dream, Draco with my favorite pairing for him. *content sigh* I wonder if these icons are starting to get to me... I even feel like a little more of an ass. And in my dream he was so mean! But I liked it anyway....

Stupid me. x_x;


I just wrote the first scene of the fic already.

amiboshi~~~~ ;o; You gotta save me from this. I didn't even get this far on ANY of my other fic ideas. This one is just too good! ;o;

Anyway, I may ask you to beta-read at least. ~__~ But I wanna finish the whole thing first. I only have two and a half scenes left anyway! The Pensive, post Pensive and the Lucius scene. n.n

Anime Club Time!

Time to head out. We should be finishing Onegai Teacher and Full Metal Panic tonight and the next time we'll start two new series. I'm gonna see if I can talk them into Full Moon or Yami no Matsuei.