November 20th, 2002


I feel ill. ~_~;

But, I think I'm okay to give speech. You'll know in about 4 hours. x.x;

If I post something like 'I suck' or 'that sucked'... you can assume it was bad again. n.n;;;

Going to play with the slogan generator to cheer me up before going to math.


Speech was a sucess!

I'll post the art project sometime tonight. Right now I kinda wanna play. n.n
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All right...

As you all know by now (or you should), I'm against the potental war in Iraq. Highly against it. I have very strong objections to the way the United States handles Foreign Policy and it has even inspired me, recently, to consider taking classes on the subject, and perhaps even minoring in it if I transfer.

In response to my most recent art project, a project titled Tactical Media, I decided to double up my project with my convictions. It also helped that we spent a lot of time talking about my convictions in class.

Basically, what I want to ask of you all is to peek over at my small little page. Glance over my image and possible browse some of the sites I have linked to. I hope that you find something interesting to peek at. If you want to respond, please do. Responses are actually part of the assignement, so they would be grealy appreciated.

Thanks to all those who look. If you want to pass this link around to friends, feel free.
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