November 1st, 2002



Speech is writen, note cards are made, video is ready, handouts are printed...

Only problem, the speech tends to go over time, more than stay in it. I'll likely talk faster when I get up there, but you never know.

I am going to sleep. I have RP tomorrow on Priori, so I can't affoard to stay up studing. I won't be able to nap. ^^
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Well, here goes...

Off to school. Speech is at noon. I should be home by 1. I'll post so you all know how I did (not that you really care ^^).

Though, it is funny. I went to bed earlish (than the last two nights) and got a lot more sleep (than the last two nights)... so why is it that I feel MORE tired this morning than I did those two mornings? Grr.
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Since amiboshi talked me into trying a hand at Subaru, I finally decided to read Tokyo Bablyon. I've had the first 8 chapters (all but the last two books) for a while, but I just never broke it out and read it.

So far I'm on Smile. Finished Dream. I really liked Dream. Subaru DID have a female love interest! Sorta. c.c; Probably never gonna see her again. *sigh* It is cute seeing Subaru all flustered over the joking from Sei-chan and Hokuto-chan. ^^