October 28th, 2002



I've been a little behind on the postage, so I'm going to post from the computer lab while I wait for speech class to start, which is in an hour, woe is me.

Anyway, I've got a really hecktic schedule this week. Things really suck and it's going to cause me a lot of stress, I just know it. For one, I have to have a good majority of my Art project finished before tomorrow, enough so that I have a solid idea and can show it to the teacher and get a yay or a nay. On top of that, I have a dentist appointment at 1 today, so that means half of my mouth is going to be in numbville for a few hours. Yay. (Can you hear my ethusiasm?)

With this said, my Art projects themselves are due Thursday. I have a test on Wednesday. I have a speech on Friday. And my math teacher just postponed our test (which was supposed to be on Friday) to Monday, so that's a nice break, at least. The end of the week is gonna kill me, so I'm going to try to

a) get as much done on my project tonight as possible.

b) study for the PED test on Tuesday night, not to mention my usual math homework.

c) write my speech by Wednesday night and finish and print my Art Projects and white my 'Artists statement'.

That will leave me Thursday to practice my speech.

As you can imagine, this won't leave me much time to do anything fun. I'll still try to get on to do a few scenes and some other stuff done this week though, and will definitely be around to chat. I can't live without some random computer talkin'.

The best nights for scenes will be tonight, Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

I'll give a full report of how I manage to do. ~_~ But expect me to spaz at least once. I always do when this stuff happens.