October 25th, 2002



Got my first scene with Kureno. And boy was it fun. ~_~

Now, I have to go to bed. I got anime club tomorrow. ~__~
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Anime Club

As some of you are aware, I've been attending an Anime Club, run by a guy who is an Electronic Arts major, the major that I would KILL to get into. He's graduating next Spring, and he found out about my AMVs. I guess I impressed him enough to the point where he mentioned tonight that when he graduates, he's opening his own studio and he wouldn't mind if I came to work with him with video editing. ... I nearly swallowed my tongue.

Anyway, I stuck around for Onegai Teacher and Full Metal Panic, but I wanted to go home when they started Chobits, so I used the excuse that I had to be home at 10 for something and left. I think I made a couple friends though, and for me, this is big.

[Edited to remove wacky comment. I really am better now. Nothing wrong in TC-ville.]