October 20th, 2002


You know...

I made a huge mistake. Last night, in the midst of depressed boredom, I suddenly decided it would be a good idea to watch the first episodes of all those series I haven't seen yet. I figured this way I could at least have an idea which ones I wanted to watch first. ...... I got as far as I Me My Strawberry Eggs. And I stayed up til 7:30 watching all 13 episodes, back to back, without pause and without caffiene. Damn, why did I wait so long to watch it!?? *sniffle* Hibiki-sensei. ;.; Fukae!!!!!!! ;o;

Now I'm wide awake and not tired at all. FUCK. u.u;

(no subject)

Going to force myself to get a few hours sleep. I can't really affoard to stay up all day. x.x; Even if the chances of a scene at Jipang are slim, I want to at least be available. Besides, homework. (I bad.)