October 8th, 2002



Saw the last Eikou den ep just now (or skimmed it, as it was raw)

I know the name of Taka and Miaka's baby! >D


Going to bed now. ^^


We actually had Art class today. Yippee!

Oh, but that means I have a project to do. Oh well, It's better than wasting three hours every Tuesday and Thursday because the teacher is no where to be seen. (Background: Our Art teacher has been out of state unexpectedly for the last two and a half weeks.)

Yay! Yay!

Getting my 80 gig backup drive Thurday!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!

mokushiroku, we can talk more about trading then. Until then I'm still juggling a mere 2 gigs, if that. ~____~

This 80 gig drive should make matters SO MUCH NICER. *_* I won't have to burn every day just to have space to download stuff!!! YAY!!
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