October 7th, 2002



I woke up. I planned to wake up at 5, that would give me 4 hours to practice my speech. I'm doing nothing but that! And to help keep myself focused I'm going into my sister's room. So I don't get tempted by the shiney computer screen.

I'll send a report if I'm better after 9am before I head to class. I'll have one hour before I give the speech free so I can refresh myself after math (considering math tends to cause my brain to go kablooie).
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I am offically sick of reading this speech outloud. ~_~ I think I'm okay though. So... I'm going to stare at my shiny computer for a bit, and then go back to preparing for my speech.


Finally done. No more speech #2!!

...Now just gotta get to work on the Informative speech... furk. ~_~

To do it on Anime or Go. That is the question...