September 30th, 2002



I beat Diablo II in the Normal Expansion version! *_* Diablo was hard, but Baal was pretty tough too. ~_~

(Yes, I decided to play instead of sleep, I bad)

Go me! Now, must go to bed. I keep forgetting I have school tomorrow. ~_~ Suck.
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Goal before bed...

Burn 8 CDs and free up about 5 GBs of HD space so that mokushiroku can return to the sharing of before. Still need to get her the rest of Hikaru no Go. ~_~

Will let you know if I succeed by the time I go to bed (hopefully with an hour and a half -- takes about 7 minutes to burn and manually varify each CD)
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Looks like amurderofcrows's problems from yesterday are wearing off on me. 1 coaster. ~_~

..... 2 coasters. Rebooting. ~_~

[10:29 edit] 3, one more and I break out my other hundred pack.

[10:36 edit] 4, fucker! >_< That's it, I'm even turning off my modem and shutting down everything before I try to burn again. At this rate I might get 3 done tonight, if any at all...