September 24th, 2002


Can you believe it?

After all those hours this weekend, after working for two hours last night.... my art class was canceled. Again. This is the third class so far that has been canceled. Three classes. Three hours each. That's 9 hours I shouldn't have had to pay for. >_<

Oh well. I don't much care, and I'm sure no one else in my class does either. Gives me more time to do my homework tonight before Buffy. ~_~
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Done Stuff -

Speech homework. Check.

Scene with Inu-Yasha as Kohaku. Check.

Un-Done Stuff -

Math Homework. Uncheck.

Study for PED Text. Uncheck.

Watch Buffy. Uncheck.

Download Hikaru no Go 48. Uncheck.

Dinner. Uncheck.

Sleep. Unchech.


I predict I will only get to do 4 out of 6 of these things. ~_~

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Buffy: You're a little girl.

Dawn: Woman!

Buffy: Little woman.

Dawn: I'm taller than you!
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