September 23rd, 2002



You know how long it has been since I wrote a fic? Well... I was digging through my notebooks and I found my old Gundam Wing fic. I had two whole chapters that I didn't post finished, and I'd forgotten how much I liked that fic. ~_~ So I typed up chapter 6 and posted it on ffnet. I'll type up 7 sometime in the near future too. Man, I miss Dorothy. u.u
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Why is it I always remember something I completely forgot about all weekend in the last 5 minutes before I need to leave, then I can't find the one thing that will help me complete it in a timely fashion... ~_~

Translation: I forgot we had a short take home quiz in PED. I couldn't find my PED book this morning and the quiz is due in a few hours. ~_~ I can't go home and look more. ~_~

I can't believe I forgot. On the bright side, I do have the quiz with me and I've completed it. I just would have liked to have had my book so I could check the answers. ~_~

Why me? ~_~
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