September 22nd, 2002


How simple words can be taken out of context...

Taken from a Hikaru no Go Translation of Nase Asumi's side story (Yes, they're talking about Go):

Guy 1:No if ands or buts about it. She's just not someone I'd be able to handle.
Guy 2: What!? Was there some kind of problem with her!?
Guy 1: She acts normally in an adult playground, you know. I was scared shitless...
Guy 2: An Adult PLAYground!?
Guy 1: What's more, she was playing the adults like it was child's play
Guy 2: Child's Play!?
Guy 1: It was intimidating~~~~~
Guy 2: More to the point, where the hell did you guys go today right after meeting for the first time today!? Hey! You listening!
Guy 1: Imagine being like that at the same age as me.... she's something else

Lesson #1. Don't take your blind date to a Go Parlor and kick the asses of really scary looking old guys.

The translations can be found at: - specifically: (So I don't get in trouble for reposting what I found extremely humorous. It's even better when you see the scans. @_@ Which, btw, can be found here: