September 20th, 2002


This may seem entirely silly...

But happy Birthday Shindou Hikaru! >D

Yup, it's Hikaru of Hikaru no Go's birthday today. Squee!

According to the character book timeline, it was December 98 when Hikaru first found the goban. He was 12 then. That would make him 16 now! Happy sweet 16 Hikaru!

Now, time for class! *ziiiiiiip*
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Check in from computer lab

Just checking in really quick from the computer lab in Pummel.

Damn you, amiboshi. I won't explain why, but let's just say that I spent most of math class writing... ._.

Damn you. When will I see Let It Rain!?!?! ;.;
My attempts at fics won't be as good as yours.
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