September 17th, 2002



My week just got a whole lot easier. My Art project, which I thought was due Thursday, isn't due til Tuesday on next week. And on top of that, we won't have class on Thursday. Squee. Now, just gotta get through my speech in one piece and take a test in PLS on Thursday and I'm scott free!
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Well... speech is tomorrow. I'm about as ready as I'm gonna get anyway, so I'm gonna go to bed early so I'm not tired at all in the morning. Mom is getting me up early so I can have breakfast, if I don't get up by myself. I want to be as mentally prepared for this as possible. Wish me luck, please. Anyone who's been around me in person knows that I tend to screw up when I try to speak, so I normally choose not to. ^^

Anyway, I was planning to attempt some RP on Grand Ridge, but I think it'd be better if I just go to sleep. Lovins out to you all. You're great folks.

Oh! amurderofcrows, if you can't figure out a way to play 7, check every episode you have of Ryvius (just open to make sure they work and you got picture and sound) and I'll burn the last two CDs, as well as any extra episodes you need. Since you're already involved, that's top priorty and I'll send them out ASAP.

Respond here, please, with any episodes that were missing. I'll burn the CDs when I get home tomorrow and likely have mom mail them out the same day.
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