September 16th, 2002


I'm downloading raws...

Of Full Moon wo Sagashite. ^^; The more I see, the more I like it. And I don't care what happens, I'm for Takuto and Mitsuki all the way! Unless Takuto turns out to be her dad. Which is a possibility... but I'm not going to entertain it! They're just too freaking cute to be father and daughter. Man, if Takuto wouldn't be an extremely unlikely character to play (kinda like Access ;.;) I'd so take him somewhere. If only it wasn't for that 'people aren't supposed to see him' stuff. *sigh*
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Cheer with me folks. My math teacher is really cool. Well, okay, he really freaked us all out with a mean trick. He walked into class and without saying a word wrote A, B, C, D, F on the board and then listed out really bad numbers.

A – 0
B – 2
C – 7
D – 4
F – 6

We all started freaking out; no one even got As! Then he turned around and said, “This is my other class.” And wrote down a second set of numbers.

A – 3
B – 7
C – 4
D – 6
F – 6

Much more relief, though the amount of Ds & Fs were more in out class.

He handed back the tests, and low and behold, I was one of the As, clinging on with a 90%. Yay!! I still did some Stupid Math ™, but there’s no helping that. At least it wasn’t uberStupid Math.
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Tarot Cards
Page of Cups
A young boy laying on the water, with his spirit guide reflected below him.
Divinatory Meanings: Focused on guidance, creativity and imagination. This is a card of growth and strength, and carries with it a strong bond of friendship and family. Determination and intuitition are lesser points.
Reversed: Impending loss, solitude, unfocused, adrift, insecure, uncertain.
Element: Water, the eb and flow and the reflection of spirit.

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