September 13th, 2002


Did I say sleep?

For some reason I just CAN NOT SLEEP. >_< Grrr.

Btw, anyone who wants to get their asses kicked by Hikaru go to: and download the free 9x9 Go board at: and play away.

If you get your ass handed to you (which you probably WILL) don't feel bad. I got mine handed to me for three hours before I finally scored higher (without using hints).

I hate 9x9 boards. Gimme a 19x19 any day.


That didn't exactly go as planned. I've NEVER in college not have enough time to finish the test. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. u.u; Though, the last question completely stumped me and that was the only one I failed to put an answer on. I couldn't figure out up from down, to be quite honest. U_U I think I know how I was SUPPOSED to do it now, but it's too late now to go back and say 'can I redo the last problem ;.;'. There goes 6 points. Though he may give me a few for setting up the table and defining my variable.

No, this is not a good start on 22.
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I conquered the 13x13 board! >D

I downloaded a couple more Go games, and the 13x13 board is my favorite for computerized Go. The game is more fun, it lets you take back moves so you can try out different stragies and see what works better, how to properly take over a corner, ect. It's quite helpful and far more fun than getting your ass kicked by the computer every time. o.o

Let's just say this was the game I just finished. The Computer was set to 9k. 0 handicap, komi of 5.5. I played for 13:40, it played for 1:50 (Hey, it's a computer). I captured /28/ of his stones, and didn't get a single prisoner taken. Only one of my stones was dead. I won by 12.5 points. >D Kick ass.
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