September 12th, 2002


Silly post-anime seeing survey

Which Megami Kouhosei character are you?

Take the Megami Kouhosei character selector to find out.

Figures I'd get him. Ernest. ;.; Erts was of course a close second and Roose was third.... and Gareas was dead last! Even below Hiead! Man. (as you can guess, I watched Canidate for Goddess a few days ago. Liked it, but the ending left something to be desired. Damn anime companies making series before mangas are finished!)

Oh, and one more thing. This is out to my bro! ^_^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY eaterofcrayons
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Its offical.

I need a scanner. Mou. I didn't want to get one, but I need it, badly. The way this art class is going I'm going to be insane by the end of the year. A Japanese major is looking SO MUCH NICER now. Now I just have to get into a school WITH one.

(I've wanted to use this icon since I made it, so while it doesn't quite fit, it kinda does. ^^)

Okay, I feel better.

Calmed myself down, reminded myself I'm being stupid and did a few fun little exersizes in order to get my mind together. And let me just say one thing... This is the LAST TIME I do a Tarot reading for CHARACTER RELATIONSHIPS. It came out too damn accurate. @_@ I'm sure at least one of you can guess who I did. ._.;;

Also, thanks, eaterofcrayons. You're wonderful. Same to everyone else. I'm sorry I kinda had a moment of insecurity. What can I say, I'm a Monkey.

Now, I'm going to bed.
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