September 9th, 2002



I have a tough week ahead of me.

Today (Monday): Got math homework done. Still need to read a chapter for COM. And we're having our run in PED when I feel like I'm going to pass out just walking between classes. @_@

Tuesday: Have to have my abstract shape projects done and my previous week's artwork matted.

Wednesday: Have to have my speech outline typed and finished (when I haven't even started on it u.u).

Thursday: Likely something for Art that I don't know about yet and my birthday.

Friday: Math test and possibly speech given (The speeches start on Friday and continue to Wednesday of next week).

During this time, I want to get a little RP in and maybe some Diablo II with my sister, but I have no idea how I'm going to work it all. @_@ Perhaps the stress of having a full load (for a change) is getting to me.
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Well, good news!

We had a 'study exam' in Math and I did really well. So that helps me lower the worry factor on the Friday test.

Found out she's holding off our speeches til Monday of next week, another stress relief, though the rough draft of our outline is still due on Wednesday, but the final draft not til Monday.

Still have the assignment to do for Art, but I'm exhausted (from worry, recovering illness and bad sleeping last night) so I'm gonna take a nap and do my art tonight after dinner. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two, so I'm not stressed for time.

With these changes in my schedule, I might be able to fit more in. Maybe even get some apps I wanted to submit soon done! (Yes, I'm wanting to get more characters, go figure c_c).
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Got my Art stuff done. Or at least, the projects that are supposed to be done by tomorrow. There are some minor problems with the rest of my stuff, but... Hopefully it will work out. You will know tomorrow around 11 if it did or not.