September 3rd, 2002


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I had some problems getting to sleep last night. I woke up a bunch of times and even came to the computer and burned a few CDs while I was at it. I also had some really weird dreams. I woke up with my usual 6:45am schedule, and instead of playing Diablo II, I watched more Full Moon wo Sagashite. Takuto is SO COOL. *_* He's like... I dunno, he's like uber cool. *.*; I'm finished with episode 10, and will probably watch the rest today when I get home. It's THAT good. (mokushiroku, why didn't you push harder? It's SO GOOD. *.*)

Anyway, mokushiroku, I changed the home directory of your FTP, so you can start getting Hikaru no Go. If you have to do some tweaking (you know more about FTPs than I do, I'm sure), just switch to the directory of Hikaru no Go instead of Full Moon and you're there. ^^

Now! Off to school! Ja!
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