September 2nd, 2002



Why can't people in my family give me NOTICE?!?!?


mokushiroko, I have to reboot and do some quick hardware adjustments so I can use my zip drive, since apparently I won't have all day to do my project after all, but only a few mere hours. You should be able to resume... I hope. I'll be back up in 10 minutes. ._.
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Well, first try to copy the files from my zip drive caused the entire computer to freeze, then crash. But I got them copied over and stored now, and can begin working on the project again. Since I only have two hours, it won't be as pretty as I would like to make it, but I'll try to get in done in two.

mokushiroku, sowwy. ;o; I should have waited til all was well before turning the FTP back on. ._. All is well now, so you shouldn't have anymore troubles today, unless photoshop crashes my computer. ._. I've decided that for taking the files back to school, I'm just going to burn them to CD. ^^;;; That way I don't have to set up the zip drive again. (I can't leave it set up because I don't have enough ports nor outlets o_o)