August 25th, 2002


You know, it's weird...

How many people have gotten their hands on my Come Back Kyou video for Fruits Basket? It's the ONLY video I constantly get emails about. What's the deal? It's not that good. It's actually kinds boring. There's a REASON I don't share that video with anyone. It's all sappy with a bunch of lazyness (on my part). Is it because it's about Kyou? Is it because it's one of my few obviously romantic videos.

Waaaah. I don't get it. ;o;

Just did a count. My Buffy videos (Spike/Buffy to be exact) have gotten the most comments (emailed to me by complete strangers), but Come Back Kyou comes in a close second, followed by my other Fruits Basket video (which I actually DO share with people).
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