August 17th, 2002


Interesting things that research can dig up.

I was doing some research on a short paper I want to write in the future on the use of the Tiger vs Dragon mythology in Hikaru no Go (with Hikaru as the Tiger and Touya as the Dragon). This research lead me to a page about the Vietnamese Zodiac, which has only one difference from the Chinese and Japanese Zodiac. The difference being the rabbit is replaced by the cat. Yes, the cat. Coming between Tiger and Dragon, the Cat is described to be as such:

CATS are smooth talkers, talented and ambitious and will succeed in studies. They are in conflict with the rat. A cat person has a supple mind and patient personality and knows how to wait for favorable conditions before taking action.

Doesn't sound much like Kyo, (cept the conflict with the rat) but hey, it's nice to know he got recognized SOMEWHERE in the world, even if Momiji got the boot.