August 11th, 2002



Other than the surprise towards my sister's apparent liking of Hunter x Hunter (I've never heard her make comments while watching an anime more than she did in Hunter x Hunter), I have nothing interesting to report. I'm going to be offline for a while, just because... well... I don't feel comfortable being around certain people right now. Don't automatically assume I mean you (whomever is reading this), though surely one of the people I mean will read it eventually. I was going to log on during my free time, but... I don't really know if it's worth it right now.

Oh, mokushiroku, I have the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne manga fully scanslated. I just need time to download it all off of my freeloader streamload account. ._.; Within a few weeks I should have the whole thing, if tenshiko can send me the files she downloaded for me while I was away from my computer. When I have them all, you can grab them from me. I've skimmed the last three volumes, and wow wow. *_* Access-sama.
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New Icons

In response to my sisters liking of Hunter x Hunter, and rewatching the entire series in pretty much two days (that's 70 episodes, man @_@), I changed my icons. They're for the KxK of HxH, Kurapika and Kuroro.

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Mou. My sister is trying really hard to get me to move to Virginia. She even looked up the East Asian major for William & Mary (like I have any chance of getting accepted u.u). It looks so pretty, and I'd have a chance to study aboard. I want. ;o;