August 3rd, 2002



Well, the time is nearly here. The plane exiting Virginia will be around 6pm, and I should be back in Missouri at 9pm. I won't be back in Springfield til around midnight though, so if I'm tired, I may not log on for much more than to post about being back. Though I think sis may want to watch at least episode 14 of Hikago, so she can finally see the second round of the Summer Go Tournament. She's been waiting for it since last Sunday, poor darling.

Anyway, I'll see you all then when I get back, or at least the morning after. Though I must say, I am upset about one thing that occured when I was go. Viz releasing a US version of Shonen Jump. Now some of the mangas I download are being canceled because they are liscenced, but Viz is going to be releasing them MONTHLY, so that it will take then 7 to 8 years to get where Toriyama World, and Manga Scans and Manga Screener were. >_< I don't mind them liscencing them, but damnit, they better release them faster than that. I'm NOT willing to wait 8 years to get back to where the scanlation sites were. >_