July 30th, 2002


Update from Virginia, take two.

Well, still in Virginia, duh. The mom and stepdad and sis are getting her apartment set up, and since I hate decorating, I pretty much get to stay out of the way. I'm more of a person who wants everything in the room to have a logical purpose not to mention placed convientely. Things without purpose are stupid to me, unless they are really really cool. This means I am not one for decoration. At all.

Anyway, since I mainly get to stay out of the way, I've been working my way through the first book of the Wheel of Time, in preperation for the release of the long awaited 10th book. (Yay! Yay!) Maybe I can talk my sister into getting me books 5 and 6 in hardcover. They're the only ones I don't own in hardcover. (I even have first editions of 1-3 and 7-9 ^_^). I don't expect to get so lucky with 5 and 6, as I wasn't able to get 4 in first edition. I don't care much about book condition, as long as I can read them. After I finish book 9 of the Wheel of Time, if I manage to before 10 is released (I should be able to, it isn't released til Novemeber), I need to get to work on the first two books of the Exiles Trilogy. The 3rd one is supposed to be coming out soon too, though no exact date has been set yet, so it may come out after Crossroads of Twilight.

Anyway... Gonna go back to reading. I wanna get through books 1 and 2 before we get back, since I'll have Hikago and lots of RP to keep me busy then, most likely. ^^;