July 24th, 2002


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After a long hard day of anime (too much anime @_@ Never thought I'd hear myself say it), I'm posting this. I transfered all the FFX game files from one card to another, so that I could keep my games should I manage to persuade mom into my own PS2 and FFX game. It's all packed up now, and going up to Columbia with my sister tomorrow. I'll be here until sometime on Friday, likely mid-afternoonish. I just have a bag to pack and a couple other things to do (clean off my drive, ect) then I'll be all ready. Again, I won't be back til the 4th of August (the flight is on the 3rd, but we're not getting back to Springfield til late late late, and I'll be tired from all the flights, ect x_x).

Little things beyond the basics that I must remember:

a) ID. I wanna be able to get on the plane to come home, damnit.

b) A couple CDs for driving music. We need entertainment during the 20 hours on the road!

c) The first Wheel of Time Book. Book 10 is coming out in October! Must start the reread!

d) My flannel pillowcase. FF Anthology. Hikaru no Go DVDs.

e) A print out of our flight info for the mom and sis. Just so they don't forget times or nothing.
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