July 17th, 2002


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I stayed up longer than I intended, but I'm glad. Going to pass out now. I was supposed to get up early too. Was gonna try to make my mom watch Harry Potter (she actually fell asleep the first time o.o). Oh well, I can still get up. And if not, it was worth it.
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Posted the kifu

I don't have the jpgs yet, but you can download a little zip file that has a program in it, as well as the files, and you can view the games that I recreated.


Warning, don't use right click, save as, just click on it to download. ^^ Enjoy, whoever wishes to. More kifu will be posted in the future, and as soon as I get the scanner, I will have jpg files of the kifu available.

All these games were listed in the Hikaru no Go Gorgeous Character Guide.
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