July 12th, 2002


Whew: AMV update

I finished the final edits and banner adding of my newest AMVs and then transfered all my AMVs to DiVX 5.0 to see if I could get the file size down. I managed to suceed to an extent, so if I manage to get a webhost sometime in the future, I will be able to keep the total disk space take up under 500 easy, even when I make a few more AMVs. (Right now 12 of my AMVs will take up 382MBs -- so when I make more, I will have to start to rotate or take down unpopular ones).

I made some slight adjustments to the Pretear vid. Some more adjustments were made to the Gate Keepers and Scryed vids. The adjustments on all three are likely complete, as I am no longer getting any major twitches when I watch them.

Prolly gonna start working on a webpage design for my videos, even if I won't be able to post the actual files for a while.
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Just finished Infinite Ryvius...

Comment 1) They had an English version of the opening song playing near the end! COOL!

Comment 2) The ending was REALLY GOOD and totally made up for the FUCKED UPEDNESS of the last five episodes. I was about to not like it anymore. Good ending! Yay!

And since it was recently liscenced, I can't wait to see how they release it in the US. ^^
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