July 2nd, 2002


Fruits Basket shocker...

I just found some translations from a couple of chapters in Volume 9 and... they reveal who the 'Boy with the red cap' was... Oh my god.

Well, that solves the question of 'Who exactly is gonna end up with Tooru'. In my mind at least.

Anyone who doesn't mind spoilers can ask me personally. I may answer. (Key word, may.)

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You KNOW you spent too much time leveling when it takes FOUR hits (two from Rikku, one from Yuna and Tidus) to kill the final boss. @_@ And he didn't even get a turn!!!

I'd give more details, but you can imagine which final boss I'm talking about. Gonna finish up now, so I can see the end. The next stage is actually gonna be harder, due to my leveling... Those who have played FFX know what I'm talking about.