July 1st, 2002


Dorothy Catalonia's LOVE Calculator

Some of you may remember that I played Dorothy on Omocha a long time ago (And I'd love to play her again, she was much fun). Well, after amiboshi made the love calculator post, I just had to test out the other men she had interactions with.... And boy was I shocked. @_@

Dorothy Catalonia + Millardo Peacecraft 97 %

Dear LORD! lostkun, we never had THOSE kind of vibes going, RIGHT!?

Dorothy Catalonia + Duo Maxwell 94 %

o_o;;;;; Well, I suppose I did write a fic about them... c_C

Dorothy Catalonia + Treize Khushrenada 88 %


Dorothy Catalonia + Quatre Winner 42 %

Whew. Prolly cause he's all... ya know... ^^

But, if you add his middle name....
Dorothy Catalonia + Quatre Raberba Winner 87 %

Dat's just not right. ;.;

Btw, since I had such a hard time finding it (amiboshi has so many couples to put through the calc! O_O), Dorothy and Trowa got a 92%

It's just scary. She has a very compatable name, apparently....
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