May 27th, 2002


The loot.

Pencil Boards

Hunter x Hunter (1 mini, 1 full)
Hikaru no Go (4 total)
Fruits Basket
Pretear Manga
Alice 19th


Mamotte Shugogetten (8 total)


X TV (gift for cousin)
Hikaru no Go (MINE!)

Inuyasha keychain set 6 characters

Sticker sheet

Hunter x Hunter


Fruits Basket

Art Print

Fruits Basket (Yuki)

Japanese Manga

Pretear 2-4
Ayashi no Ceres 8

Character Books

Hikaru no Go
Fruits Basket


Trowa from Gundam Wing looking nummy.

I have a few pictures, but they won't be developed for a while, so...

I'll scan the pencil boards. 1 of the items I bought seems to have been lost in transit. Oh well. It was an Inuyasha cellphone cord though.

I'm safe. All is good. Yay.