May 22nd, 2002


Go Go Igo!

Played Go for the first time tonight. Two games. Two different players. One loss, one win. Not bad, I'd say. Thank you chirikoboshi for agreeing to play me. I highly anticipate a rematch in the future. ^_^
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Not only did I get to play Go, I also got a scene with tenshiko!!!! How I've missed thee! When I get back from AN, we better get more stuff goin' girl, ya hear!? ^_^

Now, must go to bed. c_c;

I'm so screwed for staying up late. Don't tell mom, sis. c_c
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Well, good news, bad news.

Good news: I'm all ready to go to AN! Got my money, my bag is packed, and all I have to do is get on the plane. Woohoo. And amiboshi got the money order at the last minute. WHEW. So much relief.

Bad news: Due to thunderstorms tomorrow night, I won't be able to leave my FTP site on. Instead, when I get back, I will again open my FTP site up for a week or more to those people who are downloading from me already, so they can get the rest of their stuff. The FTP site will be up til tomorrow morning when I leave to go to the airport (which will be about 10am). So good luck on getting what is there tonight.

Mou, I'm starting to get anxious now. ^^;

I have three more CDs to burn (Pretear, a last minute decision to bring) and then I'm taking a bath, washing my hair, shaving and packing my carry on, then all is well in the world.
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Just in case Heather can still read this...

I'll be wearing a brown leather jacket, short, kind of worn, and a pair of faded blue jeans. My hair will be covered by a loose velvet beret colored with red, green, light brown and black. My shirt will be red. I also will be wearing my glasses. My contacts don't like planes, and I decided not to wear them to AN at all.