May 20th, 2002



Okay, I offically adore Mamotte Shugogetten. Not only because the main character is named Tasuke (Shichiri Tasuke no less!), but because it really is absolutely freaking adorable.

Rishu is so cute, words do not even describe. The love between Shao and Tasuke is wonderful, but ALL of the love interests have stuff about them that's cute, even the playboy priest Izumo. Takashi is my FAVORITE of the 'Other' love interests though. His attemps to get close to Shao are just adorable. And then of course, there's Kouichirou, whose adoration for Ruuan (and the fact that she actually starts to respond in the OVA *.*) is just so cute. And he's voiced by Minami Omi! The same girl who does the voice of Naozumi of Kodomo no Omocha. *.*

Anyway, the only problem I have with the anime is that there's no central plotline. Every episode (except the last two and episodes 4 and 5 of the OVA) can be watched completely seperate from each other and the only main problem is you'll miss character introductions.
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Muwahwahwahwah (Yes, I mean wah and not ha)

I'm currently going through and fixing my Gate Keeper files so that chirikoboshi will have an easier time downloading them. When you read this, refresh the directory the Gate Keepers are in when you have a pause in downloads and look at the directory. I'm fixing the sizes of 5-7 right now. To watch these files, you will need to download DIVX 5, which I have put in the folder for you to get. It's just another codec, but it cuts the file sizes in half without losing much of the quality. I may use it to shrink X later so you can get that.