May 18th, 2002


Now for the surprise...

Until I leave for AN on Thursday, I'm going to be leaving my FTP open to friends and offering every anime episode I have to those who know how to log into FTP sites. Note: To do this with me, you HAVE to turn off Passive mode. If you don't know how, it should be under Firewall. If you don't have a FTP client, I recommend Bulletproof FTP. It has a 30 day trial version you can use for this, and it's the only FTP client I can explain how to use.

In order to log into my FTP, email me with your requests, or a request for what I have. I have a list made up with every anime I have. I'm allowing 2 people on my FTP at once, so this is only open to people I know. If you're just skimming through and see this offer, don't bother to apply unless I know you.

Once you email and I get at least some of the stuff you want transfered over, I will send you the log in and password, as well as IP address (again, over email -- or if you know me on a game, over that).

All emails need to go to: