May 16th, 2002


Joy! Rapture!

I GOT MY HIKARU NO GO DVDS!!!!! *_____* Straight from Hong Kong.

I checked to make sure they worked, and as Region: ALL they worked wonderfully on my DVD player. The English subtitles are actually pretty good, and almost identical to the fansubs that I have. Wonder if they stole 'em. ^^ If that means they are good, then I'll be happy with that. I HAVE HIKARU NO GO ON DVD!!! *___*

The first DVD has episodes 1-4. The second one has episodes 5-13!

Oh, I couldn't be more happier than I am right now. *.* I wonder when the next two DVDs will be released....


From now on, the only thing I'm buying over ebay will be DVDs. End of story. No more ebay. Anyone who sends me ebay links gets a kick in the backside! (Ahem)
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I get to hit on people younger than me!

Shiyuu Kusanagi

You're probably one of the nicest people around, treating everyone around you with equal displays of respect. You even respect the trees, and you can hear them speaking to you. When you make friends with someone, you protect them as best you can. You're a truly good person.

Take the "Which Dragon Of Earth Are You!" test!

by Maduin & Kira

Actually he's my third favorite DoE, so I'm glad. Better than getting the fucktard.