May 10th, 2002


I just about had a heart attack. @_@

Okay, today is dead day. Meaning, it's the last Friday before finals. We students are given the day off so that we may study, ect. My brain only registered that it was Friday. I had a VERY vivid dream, just when I was at the edge of consiousness, of waking up and starting to get ready. I did all of my morning routine and was just about to go out to the front room to leave, when I became aware that I was still in bed. About to freak out, I sat up so quickly to look at the clock, thinking I had overslept... and then realized. Oh yeah! Dead Day!

Whew. Well, I just hope after Tuesday this doesn't happen again. My heart nearly flew out of my chest.

Further Note:

I finished Utena... o_o; What a huge brain fuck. I mean, it wasn't BAD, but I don't really think I'm gonna sit thought the whole thing again. I'm still not even sure what the hell was going on. o_o; I mean, I ended up ONLY really liking Utena a lot. Saionji, Miki and the little kid that hangs around Naname were still on my like list. Anthy dropped down really far though. @_@ What the HELL was it with the brother/sister lovin!?!?! (Miki and Kozue I could handle, heck, even Naname's thing for Touga was cute, but ... MY GOD!!)

Started Angelic Layer. Misaki's adorable. ^^


Tomorrow's the day. My math final. The one final I'm actually worried about. Honestly though, I only need to make one point on it (quite literally) to pass the class, but I'd kind of like to get a B or an A. I need at 83% to get an A. I think I can do it, so... we'll see. ^^

Anyway, for some reason I feel really ill. I was going to study more before bed, but... BLARG. I feel yucky, so I'm gonna pass out. I'm getting woken up at 9am, and my final isn't til 1:30, so I'll have plenty of time to study tomorrow. z_z; Ja!

Btw, tenshiko, I'm already halfway through Angelic Layer, and if I didn't have a test tomorrow, I'd likely finish it tonight. ^_^; You were right, it's very cute.
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