May 9th, 2002


o_o; The sign of the Baka? ._.;

Well, at least I get Vash.

Baka: August 23 - September 22

Those that carry the sign of the fool are extremely intelligent! This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but in all honesty, those that can make others laugh and continually wear a mask are the ones who have the most insight into others. The fool knows what makes people do the things they do, and is constantly aware of what is going on with the people in their life.

Romance: You are a charmer, there is no way around that. People fall in love with your sense of humor and your kind heart. They are also drawn to the way that you seem to understand peoples' feelings. You will have your choice of love interests, but don't settle for just anyone. Choose someone that truly understands you as much as you understand others.

Business: People truly underestimate your talents, but this doesn't seem to bother you. You are a genius, and one day, everyone will know it. Don't ruin yourself attempting to brag. Stay modest and work to get better at what you do, and someday soon, your efforts will be rewarded.

Friends: Many people misunderstand you, but those that do, love you dearly. They would follow you to the ends of the earth. Continue to try and help others and make people smile. You're one of the best friends someone can run across.
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The good: My mom agreed to pay for my hotel room entirely. So even if you can't go, Heather, I still can. But if you get the ability to come, than you can completely stay with me! The only thing you'll have to do to repay me is watch Hikaru no Go. n.- (I silly) Anyway, please email me the hotel information (phone #, reservation #, ect and I'll get it handled).

The not-so-good: Finals. Blarg. Must. Study. Ick. Yuck.
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