May 5th, 2002



I give up trying to use these assfucking free websites. >_<

Does anyone know where I can get free webspace that actually is worth the time of uploading the files? ._.
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The badness of ebay...

I promised myself I would never use ebay. I swore away from even glancing over the pages... oh no. Oh no. What have I done! I have broken my rule. ;o; But... but... I want. Badly. Onegai. Q_Q

Sugoi. *.*

Not only did I get the two items over ebay that I wanted, I also got a new chapter of Hikaru no Go on Toriyama World. *SIGH* Now if only finding a free webpage with decent bandwidth allowance and ftp access were this easy. Now, bed. c_c I stayed up later than intended (got distracted sorting books)