May 2nd, 2002



Well, I had to stop watching Utena again. Found out I was a moron when I burned the CDs and I didn't have 20. So... downloading 20 now. Should have it in 15 minutes. Instead of watching something else, I decided to work on one of my current AMV ideas. Ended up working on the Scryed vid. If you want more info, I posted stuff at tcamvs about it. Now... just need to decide if I want to pass out or try to stay up and watch Utena. I'm not really tired, I kind of took a long nap today after classes. ._.

Here I am!

Back in my room. New computer desk and all. Of course, the computer desk is the only thing currently in it, but hey, them's the breaks. I seriously have doubts if this is going to work though. I'm not sure if there's going to be enough room with my bed and everything... o_o; Bah. We'll see. It would really suck if they had to take the desk back after my step-dad spent all last night putting it together.

Still likely won't be able to RP for a while. Have to do the daunting task of putting my room back together.