April 30th, 2002



Just finished episode 60. Going to bed now. Going to watch 61 - 65 tomorrow. z_z; Then I can decide what I want to watch next. So many anime, so little time.

Finished; Starting Utena

(1:10pm) *stretch* Well, finished all the Inuyasha I have. ^_^ Now, to pick the next series to watch while I still have time... Hmmm. Gonna start Utena and see if it draws me in or not.

Edited in (1:53pm) - Second episode of Utena. Thoughts so far. I like Utena. No one else really interests me yet. Utena and Hikaru (Hikago anime) have the same seiyuu and they sound almost exactly alike, except Utena uses Boku wa and Hikaru uses Ore wa. And they laugh differently too. Hikaru has a less girly laugh. That's my thought so far. Will update this entry later.

Episode 4 - Reaction

My thoughts now. I like Utena, Anthy and Miki. Utena and Miki are tied for my favorite right now. Anthy I feel very sympathetic for. Nanami and Saionji and Touga I can barely stand right now. Juri and Wakaba are neutral. Feelings may change as the story progresses.

Starting episode 5. Want to get through at least episode 7 before Buffy. Maybe as far as episode 14 by tonight (which is where the 3rd CD ends).


Found out my episode 13 of Utena is faulty. x_x; Grr. Downloading a different version now. Should take over an hour to get, so I prolly won't watch more tonight. Good thing I found this out before sending the CDs to amurderofcrows.

Oh. New Hikago chapter. *_* Hikaru's looking like more of a threat, huh, Ochi-kun? ^_^
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