April 29th, 2002


4 episodes later...

Did I say one more episode? Damnit... c_c; Well I meant one more CD! Yeah. Going to bed now. The next CD is not moving from the CD case, so there's no chance of getting tempted. YOU HEAR THAT CD!! STAY THERE! >_

Welcome to LJ, wildwest!!

Hey, if it isn't everyone's favorite Canadian Cad! (Oh, that's not an insult, btw, but with a name like Wild West, you prolly won't mind it!). How's Canada? (Yes, I'm asking about Figs too.) The good ol' days on MXT (*gag*) are well remembered! Heck, I still have a webpage for Niflheim. c_c

Additional: Logging on from computer lab. I had my first regular class outside today. It was a Math class, believe it or not. She used this huge courtyard as her chalk board using sidewalk chalk and we had a fun time getting weird looks from the Theater people (it was in front of Craig, you know the place, sis). Much fun. ^_^

Going to type up the rest of my short story now and run over to Pummel and try to print it off in the English lab. If not I'll just have the person read my old rough draft in class.

It's offical!

I have an international fanbase! ^_^

So far I've gotten emails/messages about my AMVs from Italy, Spain, Germany and China. ^____^ And Canada and Mexico too. ^^

Ah. Done ^_^

Finished with my short story. It ended at 4 pages long in Word (yeah, really short) but the minimum was 2 pages. I was going to make sure I didn't go over five though. I'll have to make sure my final draft stays under that too. @_@


Episode 49! Finally! More Kohaku/Gohaku/Whatever the Fansubbers decide his name is! *_*;; I really like the kid. ^_^;
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Bad Pam. c_c

I know my birthday is a long way off, but if anyone is looking for present ideas...


Hikaru no Go Manga. $6 a volume. *_* All 16, including the shipping, would only be $130.20 dollars! (Only?)

And there's an Art book for $50 and a Character book for an additional $8. The Art book is probably over priced so...

Ahem. That is all. c_c

Oh, I lied.

*dreamy sigh* They have Hunter x Hunter and Flame of Recca too.

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Poor Shippo. He was introduced before any of the other secondary characters and it took 55 episodes for him to get his own focus ep. *cuddles the little kitsune-chan*