April 28th, 2002



Gate Keepers 21 OVA episode 1. *_*

Ten to one, Ayame is Shun and Ruri's daughter. Though considering it takes place 32 years after the TV series, it means they waited a while.

The only original Gate Keepers characters that seem to be in it are Kageyama and Yukino-chan. Yukino-chan looks the same, but Kageyama has certainly grown up. I want to know what the heck he is up to, cause I refuse to believe he's turned over a new leaf. It looks as if, again, almost all the Gate Keepers are women. Sigh. ^_^;

Anyway, I look forward to more. Too bad OVAs take so long to release. ;_; It's supposed to be 6 episodes.


My password for my email isn't working! >_< Son of a bitch. >_< Just means I have to run by a computer lab and hand over my zip card and get it changed. Gah. Unhappy.
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