April 24th, 2002


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Logging in from the computer lab in Glass. And I'm stuck in one of those icky so-close-together-I-can-touch-elbows-with-my-neighbor computers. Want my privacy booths. ;.; Blah blah blah. How goes the downloading gestahr? Having any trouble? Not that I can do anything from here, but I'll be home for a hour or so in about 3 hours and I can do something about it then if you're having problems.

Hey, gestahr

If the FTP thing works out, I can probably hook you up with Hikaru no Go episodes. ^^ I have 1-24 fansubbed and 25-27 raw (they'll likely be subbed soonish). I'll also give you a list of the anime I have and we might be able to set up a trade thing going on. n.n
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My English class was given an extra credit assignment to find a couple euphemisms that we find funny. Here's the ones I came up with.

Internet/Computer related death Euphemisms

404ever, Pulse Not Found
Reformatted by God
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Writing death related euphemisms

Permanently Out of Print.
Lost in translation.
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