April 23rd, 2002



I was having a bad day so I didn't log on places for very long. x.x Sorry guys. I vegged and watched all of Gate Keepers. Very neat little series. Not like Pretear or Hikago or Yami no Matsuei good, but still, cute and harmless with no major emotional heartbreaks (which was a big relief after Pretear @_@)

Downloading chapter 83 of Hikago (*_*) and glareing at Anime Pixel fansubbers. Geez! Already releasing 22 of Scryed! They just realised 21 last night. I still don't even have it yet! Ah well, at least it's better than the 2 month wait between 15 and 16 that we had to suffer though. Only 4 more episodes! Go fansubbers!


Okay, that chapter nearly brought me to tears. I'm afraid of when I'm going to see it on the screen. *sniffle* Poor Hikaru. Poor Isumi-kun. You get him back into shape Sai!


Hikaru no go 27 raw!!! *_* GIMME!!! I wanna see if I was right about them combining chapters 51 and 57. (Seeing as they skipped 51 and are at the place where 57 should be)

Episode 27 is queued up and now!! BED!! Yes! The time has come for sleep! Gasp! NOOOOO!!! NOT sleep! @_@ (Weird, I was so down all day and a string up updates can bring me up so fast, especially when they involve Hikago)

Wonder what anime I should start next time... Hmm....
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Pondering AMV ideas

Hrm.... AMV idea.... Gatekeepers. Using VNV Nation's Kingdom. From the main villian point of view. And making it look like he's going to win even, until the very end of the song.

AMV idea 2. Pretear, to E.S. Posthumus' Nara (which has no singing at all, it's an instrumental).

AMV idea 3 (Had for a while, in the works) Hikaru no Go, to Brian McKnight's Win focused on the rivalry between Hikaru and Akira. The first part of the vid focuses on Akira, the second on Hikaru and the third focuses on both of them.

AMV idea 4, also had for a while. Scryed to Hero from the Spiderman soundtrack.

Hmm. We'll see. I may make them eventually. @_@ For now, booking it to school.
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As michiko and calmofthestorm know, my house is very close to the interstate. Less than a block and a half from an overpass. Well... a van flew off the overpass today. @_@ That is so FREAKY. I didn't see much (didn't want to) but it was enough to creep me out a bit. Lots of sirens and according to my neighbor (and cousin) a guy died in there. ;.; Eeeeeek. I remember a lot of interesting wrecks around my house and within a few blocks (I remember one black sports car that flew off the road and nearly demolished a garage of a house a block from mine)... And people wonder why I still don't drive...

Now, homework, then bed.