April 22nd, 2002



I'm at school. Holy crap. There's only two weeks left and then finals? Wow... That's just SO WEIRD. @_@ Anyway, I'm going to watch Gate Keepers when I get home. I already started it last night (couldn't sleep) and got through the first disc (7 episodes) before I felt I could go to sleep. I like Ukiya-kun. He's much cool. Though I wonder how he's going to react to the fact that the newest Gate Keeper has a pet monkey named Ukiiya. @_@ They've already played on the similarities between the names in episode 7. I wonder how Ruriko and Kaoru are going to react to it.

So far it isn't emotional, so I'm good. After I finish that, I dunno, I'll prolly watch Nadesico. I've almost got all of it downloaded now.

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-.- Everyone on here must read Hikaru no Go if you haven't started already!!! http://toriyamaworld.com/ Go! Go! IGO!

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No wonder Hikaru no Go has such awesome animation design. It's got the same Animation Character Designer as Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres! *_*;; (And it's got the same Sound Director as Ayashi no Ceres.) and it shares a couple seiyuu! Hikaru is voiced by Chiriko, Sai is voiced by Aki (Something which freaks me out, Aki can whine! @_@), and Akari is voiced by Aya. (And on a tanget, Isumi's seiyuu is the same as Kamui *__* Drooooooooooooooooooool. I can't wait til the Isumi-heavy episodes during the Pro Exam and near the end *_*)

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Okay, better book it out of the lab. I don't need to go til about 20 til, but I like to give myself time to go over to the Student Union and get a snack and have time to eat it before class starts. What I did today was fun. I wrote up a couple fanfic ideas for Hikaru no Go. And one could be taken as Shonen-Ai! Eeek! Though I honestly don't want it to be. The raging fangirls will read it differently than I will *sigh*. Anyway, all of the will take place at least a year after the end of the manga. Two are where Hikaru is 16, the second is where he is 17 and the last is when he is 19-21 -- the last is a long one. One has minor shonen-ai-ish undertones (Hikaru/Touya), the other one where he is 16 is a Mitani/Akari fic with Hikaru getting jealous and the middle one will have almost no Hikaru at all, it's focused on the other characters all meeting each other (The Pros, the Insei and the Go Club), and the last one will be kind of an epic with a bad ending. I likely will not write any of them, but hey, it's fun to come up with the ideas in my head and play them out.