April 18th, 2002


Oh my god...

What a way to wake up in the morning. I come to my computer and sit down, clearing out my downloads and setting up new ones. Suddenly I get a message from someone in my queue.

where did you get your x amvs, i have to know!

My reply: I didn't get them anywhere. All the amvs in my folder are made by me.

sugoooi! can I have your autograph!? i really love x!

I don't think I can send it over this. ^^ And I love it too, that's why I have two more vids in the planning.

you do!? you're my hero!

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Moved into sis's room. @_@ The set up sucks, but it'll do for two weeks. God I'm tired. x.x We moved out so much stuff. ;.; I wanna pass out. Well, take a shower, then pass out.

Your room is so hot, sis! ;.; And your fan is noisy. @__@ Waaaaah.

I'm just whining, it's really not that bad. Just glad to finally be settled down into the place so I don't have to do anymore work for a while.
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