April 11th, 2002


Blah. u.u

Why me?

I really love this icon.

Anyway, this sucks. I'm feeling like total crap (and it's not because I'm sick either). I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to go to school. I want to curl up in a tiny little ball and just stay there for a long time.

The worst part? I should be happy. I should be estatic. But I'm not...

Sigh. Off to class. x_x The very last place I want to be right now.
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Whew. z.z

Okay, well, got something done today to make me feel I've earned my place in this world. Finished making up eaterofcrayons's X CDs. I handed them to my mom and they'll get sent tomorrow or sometime soonish. (I hope)

Got somemore stuff to do while I'm at it. u_u Still not in good mood.
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    gloomy gloomy